The Amazons c1901-1903

What shall we do with our girls? A personal narrative concerning The Amazons - The First Ladies Fire Brigade Armidale, Australia.

Merilyn Childs, Associate Professor of Digital Futures, Australian Institute of Digital Futures
University of Southern Queensland, Queensland.

[1] The title of this paper is drawn from an article written by Captain J.T.A Webb to the Armidale Chronicle 9/11/1901, p.4, which he began by asking “What shall we do with our girls”? See Attachments.

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Captain Minnie Webb, Captain of the Amazon's Ladies Fire Brigades c 1901-1903. Courtesy: UNE Archival Collection, Armidale.

Article about the Amazons ladies Fire Brigades, 1901.

The Schmutter women - members of the Amazons Ladies Fire Brigades. (Note, this video needs to be remade, enjoy the pictures!)

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