Thursday, July 26, 2012


Welcome to the Women in Fire Fighting Australia- Archives of 
Dr Merilyn Childs. More an archive than a Blog, this digital repository aims to share materials I have collected over time with those interested in the history of female fire fighters.

Although most of my time is spent thinking about digital futures, I continue to have interest in gender and disasters, and in the social histories and industrial experiences of female fire fighters in Australia.

This Blog is under development (March 2013) and, as I do the work in my spare time, creating this archive is a progress of passion, not time. Please bookmark this site, and visit again. I am keen to develop a visual history of female fire fighters, so please  contact me if you have images (including copyright permission to use) you'd like me to use.If you are looking for Women and Fire Fighting Australasia Inc visit

Merilyn Childs

First responders - The New England Girl's School Fire Brigade, October 1923.
It was formed after the fire in 'Cunningham House' (Courtesy: NEGS Archives Centre)
Not to be copied or reproduced without permission of the NEGS Archives Centre.